About HOT SPOT creative space
HOT SPOT is a new spacious and modern cultural-educational space located in the heart of the Poble Nou district. We have two floors with a total area of 320 square meters, where you can use coworking, attend workshops, lectures, and presentations (from 10 to 100 people), as well as enjoy an art gallery.

Currently, the first floor is open to visitors, and the second floor will be available soon.
What can you find here?
Cultural events and art workshops
Art gallery
Workshop for painters
Upcoming events
Our space was created to host various events and activities: presentations, workshops, art exhibitions and others. Below you can find some details about our upcoming events.
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Our activities

NEW! Wine experience
Games, quizzes and wine tastings!
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Art & Wine
A great art experience with a glass of wine every Friday
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Epoxi resin & alcohol ink
A great art experience with a glass of wine every Friday
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Other workshops
We are also happy to invite you to attend workshops of our partners, professional artists and designers, that take place at our space.
Metal Clay is a medium consisting of microscopic metal particles of silver, mixed with an organic binder and water to create a pliable material with a consistency similar to modeling clay. It can be shaped just like any soft clay body. After drying it can be fired in a variety of ways such as in a kiln, with a handheld gas torch or on a gas stove. The binder burns away and leaves the pure sintered metal.

TEACHER: Daria Razumikhina, fashion and jewellery designer. She will teach you how to manipulate the silver paste in the clay form, and to make pieces of silver jewellery, applying textures and additions. You’ll learn to make a pair or earrings or a pendant.

All materials are included.

Price: 70 euros
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Flowers are not only a great gift, but also an opportunity to revive even the most gray and boring interior. How to make beautiful bouquets and compositions on your own, as well as how to equip a balcony or terrace - all these you will learn at our floristry classes!

TEACHER: professional florist and landscape designer Tatyana Ilyicheva, founder of the  Myata Decor studio

All materials are included.

Price: 45 euros
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Would you like to know, how to make your own professional body and face cosmetics? We invite you to join our natural cosmetics workshop, where you will learn about the benefits of natural ingredients (oils, clays, dry plants) and about their uses for solving the most frequent issues.

We will explore how to formulate the solid shampoo bars according to your hair needs and how to integrate the active ingredients into your formulas. Express your creativity when decorating your shampoo or soap bars with clays and dry flowers, and when composing your shampoo fragrances with natural essential oils.

TEACHER: Minimalist natural cosmetics

All materials are included.

Price: 30 euros
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Gift certificate
If you want to make a special present to your friend or a beloved one, we have an idea. Purchase our unified gift certificate for a diversity of workshops
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Rent our space for your event
HOT SPOT was created to host various events and activities: presentations, workshops, art exhibitions and others. We have space that is perfectly suitable for events up to 30 people.

1 hour - 20 euros
HOT SPOT Design Center invites artists, designers and craftsmen to cooperate!

We know how difficult it is to find a comfortable and beautiful place to create your work, as well as a community that will help you develop as an entrepreneur and promote your products and services. First of all, HOT SPOT was created exactly as a private club of Barcelona designers, and we want to continue this good tradition. We are renewing the club system and offering space for rent in the format of coworking, workshop, showroom, as well offering marketing support.


1. Coworking
- 150 euros per month, you can use HOT SPOT to work at the computer in the co-working format on weekdays from 10 to 19. We also provide a discount on rental of the space for events and workshops.

2. Workshop
- 250 euros per month, you can use HOT SPOT in the format of a creative workshop on weekdays from 10 to 19, as well to store here your works and materials, plus all the services of the "Coworking" package. Possibility of holding 1 event per month (or 4 hours) without rent, discount on rental of our space for events and workshops.

3. Partner
- 300 - 500 euros per month, use of the space on partnership terms in the format of your project representation, a showroom of your products, holding presentations, workshops, exhibitions and events (by prior agreement) on all days of the week from 10 am to 11 pm, as well as services of previous packages.

HOT SPOT provides good Wi-Fi, free tea, coffee and sweets, work desks and storage, and an equipped mobile product photography studio. We have easels, a projector, a whiteboard, and a great sewing machine for those who sew.

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