HOT SPOT opening

A practical workshop on public speaking

Tomorrow, our space will host a workshop on public speaking from a professional psychologist and performer Nina Uvarova.

NOVEMBER 30th (Tue) | 19:00 - 22:00
  • Practical workshop on public speaking
  • Language: Russian

Beautiful and competent speech, almost like clothes, is an extension of ourselves. But it's one thing when it's a friendly conversation, and completely different - a meeting, interview, presentation or speech.

Many of us are familiar with the state of stupor, an excessive fear of appearing stupid, incompetent, or not answering a question. And there are those who refuse good promising proposals just because they are related to negotiations or self-presentation.

- fears, where they come from and techniques for overcoming them.
- the basics of self-confidence. How to start and train this state in yourself.
- effective self-presentation. How to stop being afraid or uncomfortable talking about yourself and do it beautifully and confidently.

- Uvarova Nina. Psychologist, public speaking coach, speaker. She has been playing in the theatre for 10 years, a winner of the JCI public speaking competition, an external trainer of Sbermarketing.

PRICE: 25 euros
Mandatory registration, the number of places is limited!
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