HOT SPOT opening

"PURE" art exhibition opening 16/07/21

Last Friday, July the 16th, took place the grand opening of an exhibition of paintings by the artist from Belarus Alexandra Cesarskaya in Barcelona. The event was hold in the Russian design center HOT SPOT and attracted many guests, both Russian and Spanish speaking.

Artist's Instagram:

Vivid images, a riot of colours, portraits and abstractions - all the works were gathered under a single concept “PURE”. The main idea of ​​the exhibition is equality, feminism and animal rights. The series of paintings with portraits are abstract and intriguing, striking in their beauty and at the same time as strong as each of us. Each portrait represents equality and individuality. The series with images of animals shows all the sincerity and absolute love for a man.

“The paintings are made with acrylic on canvas in my own style. In all my works I prefer to use many bright colours and textures to convey all my feelings and reach out to the heart of every person. My works of art represent my reality and my inner world, “- said Alexandra.

You can see the exhibition until August the 1st in our design centre at av. Diagonal 227, loc. 1, HOT SPOT (pre-registration is required). Also on July 31st, an Art & Food market will take place, within which you can not only get acquainted with the paintings, but also look at other unusual objects of creativity.

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